Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Northbeam API. If you have any feedback, reach out to [email protected]


For Northbeam's Multi-Touch Attribution(MTA) and Mixed Media Modeling(MMM) offerings we use our customer's Orders as the ground truth for Revenue. This enables Northbeam to perform Ad Attribution on Purchases that took place (MTA) and to assist in predicting what will take place (MMM).

For customers that use Shopify of Amazon as their ground truth for Orders, we support a Shopify and Amazon native integrations. These integrations sync a customer's Shopify/Amazon store to get information about orders that is subsequently used for attribution (MTA) or for predictive analytics (MMM)

It is sometimes the case that Shopify or Amazon are not the customer's go-to for the most up-to-date Order information.

  • In some cases, customers employ a collection of Shopify/Amazon stores from which they internally pull data into their own data pipelines for centralization, or downstream data transformation (i.e. currency conversion, time-zone manipulation, filtering of incomplete orders, or for tagging purposes)
  • In other cases customers do not use either Shopify or Amazon and use an Order Management System that does not have native support in Northbeam

In either of these above cases (or others), we support the Orders API so that Northbeam can obtain the order information needed to support operations for MMM and MTA. The Orders API is a standard solution that that accepts HTTP API calls where the payload contains a list of orders and associated metadata for the orders.

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